Blogging at Press Publish

I blog, do you?

If you don’t, just know that lots of people do and they really enjoy sharing their experiences in person.

I found out last weekend just how much people like to share. I attended Press Publish, a blogging conference sponsored by It was the first event of its kind. It felt special to be there. I went to be inspired and get interested again in blogging. It must have worked, because here I am writing for the first time in 6 months. If you’re on the fence about going to the next one that’s scheduled to be in Phoenix, go. Go forth and blog.

I support blogging, especially for people in transition (like retirement transition, life transition, transition for transition sake; everyone is going somewhere these days.) It offers an outlet to say who you are, where you are in life and it feels good to say this stuff, even if no one reads it. Blogging is a positive lift for your spirit. Some people are better at expressing themselves verbally and then there are people like me who are more comfortable when they are able to write what they want to say.

Somehow it sounds better when I listen to what I write.

Today I was thinking about the conference when I was washing my hair. I had this real need to write about this question that was stuck in my head. In fact, I had to go racing for an index card to get the idea written down. I didn’t want to forget about this wondering.

I wonder if the bloggers who spoke at the conference enjoyed standing in front of the crowd and giving a speech. They mostly blog, so just how comfortable were they speaking to a big group of  people who also mostly like to write their thoughts? Some of them seemed more comfortable talking than others. I wondered how it felt to tell your story out loud like that?

Maybe I should have asked but if I was on a stage, I wouldn’t like the question about how comfortable I was being up there. I’d rather write down the answer myself.

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