10 Tips For Traveling With The Grandkids

Is this the summer you’re traveling with the grandkids?  Besides figuring out where to go, what else do you need to consider? Here are 10 ideas for getting your trip planned:

Begin Here

1.)  Seems like a no-brainer, but have you talked about the travel plans yet with your grandkids’ parents? Make sure they’re supportive of you taking the kids on a trip without them. If they voice concerns, don’t assume it’s just about the kids. They could be more worried about  you and your driving ability or energy level.

2.)  Once the vacation has mom and dad’s thumbs-up, check it out with the grands.  And make sure they truly want to go. Get your grandkids involved right at the start by getting them involved in planning the trip and activities.

Start Planning

3.)  Remember, although this trip is your treat, it really is for, and about the kids. Keep their interests in mind. Yes, you may love museums  but an 8 year old may not be able to pay as much attention as you’d like for all of you to go on a guided tour.  Therefore, consider attention spans as you plan activities.

4.)  Plan the trip for a reasonable amount of time. You’re looking for more than a jaunt but less than a world tour. Take into account your overall energy and patience levels plus how long the grandchildren been away from home before.

Making Arrangements

5.)  Arrange your travel or flight plans based on the grandkids internal schedules and preferences. The less disruptions to nap times and mealtimes, the better. In addition, if you’re flying, make sure someone in your party has an aisle seat to make potty time easier on everyone (including the surrounding travelers.)

Necessary Paperwork

6.)  Bring a completed Child Travel Consent Document with you. Visit LawDepot for a free document to download. Both parents should sign the document and this is especially important if the parents are divorced.

7.)  Also useful to bring along is a signed (and notarized) letter from the parents giving permission about medical care. Here’s an example of the form from LawDepot.   Bring copies of the kids’ medical insurance cards with you as well.

Schedules and Preferences

8.)  Talk over the kids’ daily schedules and preferences  with mom and dad. When’s nap time? When’s mealtime and snack time? How late is too late to stay up? Are there any food preferences or sensitivities you should be aware of?

Pack Up and Go

9.)  Remember to pack light. You’ll be managing your own stuff as well as the kids’ things. Bring that favorite toy for sleeping but plan on buying other toys as needed along the way. They’ll make great souvenirs!

10.) Pack some special projects just for the trip. Books, paper, crayons, and pictures of where you’re going will keep them (and you) entertained. Don’t forget snacks!

Keep these suggestions in mind as you begin to plan your trip with the grandchildren this summer. Above all else, keep it simple. No matter what you do, the grands will love spending this special time just with you!

Do you remember going on a trip with your grandparents?

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