R.I.P. – Retired in Place?

Are you asking yourself if it’s time to retire? Thinking about what you’d rather be doing instead of going to work? Dreaming of all the things you could be doing, if…?  Just [...]

HOPE: Are you feeling it?

Are you hopeful about your retirement? Are you looking forward to achievement and ongoing personal success in this next stage of life? If you are, then it’s more likely to come true.  That [...]

Attention vs. Intention

Are you paying attention? What is your intention? Attention vs. Intention. What’s the difference? And just what do they have to do with retirement planning? Plenty. Especially if you are unhappy [...]

How Much is Enough?

Do you have enough to retire? How much is enough? Enough of what? What comes to mind first? Let’s talk money. If spending money is more your style than saving, then begin by thinking about what [...]

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