How Much is Enough?

Do you have enough to retire? How much is enough? Enough of what? What comes to mind first? Let’s talk money. If spending money is more your style than saving, then begin by thinking about what [...]

Wellness in Retirement

Anxious. Depressed. Sad. Angry. Irritated. Does this describe how you feel about retirement? Congratulations! Keep thinking this way and your retirement will turn out exactly as planned. That’s [...]

My Health First

Being well and thriving in retirement. Sounds great! So what do you need to do make it happen? Always say, “my health first” when making decisions. Much depends on the lifestyle [...]

Be the Boss of You

Retirement is a process that you direct and take responsibility for. If you’ve been the boss, then you should know something about motivating and coaching employees. Have you considered how [...]