Finding Routines In Retirement

Do routines sound dull and boring to you? Are you looking forward to retirement and never having to schedule your time again?  That’s certainly what I thought.  Retirement signaled the end of [...]

Dad Admired Me For Taking Risks

Huffing and puffing our way up Geary Boulevard in San Francisco, my dad and I had a conversation I’ll always remember. “I admire you,” he said. Really? Shouldn’t I be saying this to him? He said, [...]

Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads

Father’s Day is coming up. Have something important you want to say to your dad but aren’t sure how to start? Find inspiration in Clay Brizendine’s, “Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads.” Maybe [...]

Why Your Mom Is Afraid To Retire

“Can you talk to my mom?” Whenever I tell someone that I’m a retirement life coach, that’s the first thing I hear. Apparently there are many  moms out there who need advice about retirement (or [...]