3 Resources For Making New Friends In Retirement

After you retire, who’s going to replace your workplace buddies?  You know, the people you go to coffee with, have lunch with or share dog stories with. The people you share family stories with and the ones you complain to about ccell service. 

Think about all the social connects work has created for you. No doubt there are plenty of people in the workplace who you’ll be more than happy never to  see again.  But what about  the friends you made? The peers, the team, your co-workers, vendors, customers and favorite barista? All those you won’t have talk to on a daily basis once you retire.

The workplace easily creates friendships.  Where will you find that sense of camaraderie when you retire? You can go back to  visit.  But we’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t go home again”.   Once you leave, it will feel different when you go back see the gang. People move on with their lives and so will you.

Think about how you’ll replace and reinvent workplace connections before you retire. Here are 3 resources for you to explore:

GirlFriendCircles.com is an online resource for making and maintaining friendships. Founder, Shasta Nelson, started this website as a way for women to connect both online and in-person. She’s written two books about what she calls, “Frientimacy” or a deeper level of friendships than we often experience today.

SixtyandMe.com is an online magazine and global community for women age 60+. It offers forums for women to connect.  As well as information and videos on a variety of subjects.  They range from fitness tips, to fashion, to dating over 60, to travel ideas and emotional well-being. Subscribe to a weekly newsletter from founder, Margaret Manning,  for helpful articles and resources.

Meetup.com is an online network of local groups that helps people self-organize around mutual interests. There’s a Meetup for just about anything you can imagine.  And if there’s not one for something you’re interested in, you can start one of your own.

Maintaining connections will become increasingly important when you retire. You may not realize how lonely you’ll be without the daily banter with workplace buds.  Check out these resources for ideas on how to develop new friendships outside of the workplace.

The Retirement Style Blog routinely discusses a variety of retirement transition issues. For a full framework of retirement resources, please visit our Retirement Success Series. To speak with a certified retirement coach about your personal needs, please contact us.

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  • Aika

    Thanks for sharing these resources for making new friends after retirement. I’ve read an article that says people with friends are happier. It adds that friendship is correlated with a more joyful life. Making friends after retirement is definitely a good thing.

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