3 Ways Your Spiritual Life Enhances Retirement

First, be advised this isn’t a discussion about organized religion and retirement. Whoever or whatever you worship is your business, not mine. Instead, the spirituality I’m referring to in retirement,  involves self-identity.  As you approach or enter retirement, sense of self becomes increasingly more important. In addition, spirituality in retirement involves trusting in something bigger than yourself. Don’t let uncertainty about your retirement life overwhelm you.  Let go of worry and just trust that your retirement will be successful.   The 3 ways your spiritual life enhances retirement involve both attitude and sense of self.

There’s much to deal with once you reach retirement age. Often, it feels like your entire life is becoming unhinged. First of all, you may have concerns about finances or dealing with elderly parents. In addition, facing an empty nest or accepting your aging body can wear you down. Seems like life becomes an uphill battle. As a result, you keep struggling to make things different in hopes that they will return to “normal.”  Most of all, it’s easy to think the best part of your life is over. Especially relevant now is learning acceptance. Plus you need a healthy sense of self. Know that with time, you can deal with all of it.

Here’s where spirituality impacts retirement. Being spiritual means you believe in yourself. It means that you believe in your spirit.  Have confidence that you can roll with whatever comes. When things feel chaotic, remind yourself  that you made it this far.  Maybe it’s time for a quick look back and appreciate just how far you’ve come in life.  Over time, you gained skills and common sense. Therefore, trust that you’ll know what to do going forward and all will be okay.  And being spiritual also means you can’t force things to turn out a certain way.  While you may want to, you really can’t control everything in your life.  You need to put your trust in a power bigger than yourself.

3 Ways Your Spiritual Life Enhances Retirement

#1 Your Attitude

Keep a positive attitude about retirement and you’ll have a more rewarding life overall. Since the mind-body-spirit connection works together to create a more satisfying outcome, don’t accept negative self-talk. Be as positive as you can about what’s coming next. And give up the idea that you can control exactly how this part of your life will unfold.

#2 Life Stage Satisfaction

Nothing brings it home that you are aging more than retirement does.  On the one hand, no doubt you’ve looked forward to retirement. But when you actually reach retirement age, you may wish you were still the younger version of yourself.  It’s time feel satisfied with THIS stage of your life. Living in the past does nothing for your self-identity. You’re no longer the naïve young adult. You’re much wiser and have significant life skills to rely on.

#3 Life Meaning

What will give your life meaning at this new stage?  What will become your life purpose?  In the past, you worried  about providing for your family. Career success no doubt took priority over pursuing your dreams. Now you can put yourself first and create a new self-identity. Just who are you really? Look deep inside for answers. Allow your mind-body-spirit to define who you are now and how to become  your best self in the future.

Do all that you can to plan for a successful and fulfilling retirement. Appreciate that some of what you plan for will come true. However, don’t let unexpected events discourage you. Instead, look towards the spiritual side of retirement.  Because you need to have trust in what the universe presents to you. Work with your mind-body-spirit connection to embrace where you are in life now.

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  • Ganapathisubramanian

    Great efforts, each individual know what they are going to do after their retirement, retirement means not meant the age of the human being, the age of individual mind. Individuals are born in this world, doing something, started their life begin with their marriage, then feed to their family, children and keeping sufficient wealth (in Indian system) and keeping on paying the debt for the assets made by individual for others.

    Yes, now we should to know, what is retirement, if retired what we will do? it is upto individual decision, however, what is best? for commonly to all. Yes, after retirement by mind, it is our responsibility to involve ourself to identify who we are? why came to Indian soil? and whom we are? these are the questions need to be raised and search with spiritual leaders thought. After searching it is my personal feelings that each one has to engage ourself for spiritual path by chanting god name, doing pooja the yield and our prayers need to be common and useful to human society. With pranams to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. G. Ganapathisubramanian, mail ID: gs.pathy@gmail.com;

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