4 Favs For Fun Mid-Life Style

My days of window shopping and browsing in shopping malls are long past. I don’t have the patience anymore for cosmetic counters and dressing rooms. So if you’re at all like me, having useful online resources for fashion ideas and cosmetics is invaluable. As a result, I’m sharing some of my finds with you. Here are my 4 favs for fun mid-life style:

BridgettRaes.com is useful for tracking fashion trends and getting ideas about how to put outfits together for weekend looks, special occasions, seasons, travel and everyday casual. Bridgette Raes is a stylist and author who offers contemporary, budget-friendly and practical advice. She publishes a newsletter with tips, ideas and links to clothes and accessories that work for her clients. I enjoy looking at the outfits she coördinates  because she shows all the individual components and gives info on where to buy them.   If you’re looking for a weekly dose of quick and breezy fashion advice, subscribe to her newsletter.

StitchFix.com is a resource for finding coördinated outfits. Sign up for their service and a stylist will send you box of 5 related pieces.  Before you order, you give info on sizing and style preferences. Your first order may be hit or miss with sizing, but once you’ve ordered a couple of times, I’ve found they get the sizing right. In addition, you can ask for colors, styles, or certain pieces by email in advance of the shipment. The huge advantage I find from shopping with StitchFix is getting things that are not what I typically look for or buy. Finally, their pieces keep my style fresh and updated.

PaulasChoice.com is my favorite for skin care. If you’ve followed Paula Begoun’s advice in the past and referred to her book, “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me,” you’ll recognize her as “The Cosmetics Cop” for beauty. I’ve read her evaluations for makeup for many years and often looked up what she had to say about a particular line before shopping for cosmetics at retail. Begoun offers a variety of skin care lines to address specific concerns.  Also of note, the products don’t come in fancy packages or have fussy names. Therefore, she calls them what they are. Most of all, whatever you buy can be returned if it doesn’t work for you.

Julep.com is my go-to source for nail polish. I love this stuff!   Julep Founder, Jane Park, spoke at a business meeting I attended. She brought nail polish samples to her presentation and that’s where I got hooked. A bottle of kelly green polish (“Leah”)  went home with me and it’s been love ever since. Especially relevant between the quality of the polish, the color choice and the fact that Parks believes in paying the manicurists in her organization a living wage, there’s a lot to love about Julep.

There you go—check these out and feel inspired to try something new! These are 4 of my favorite resources and ones that I’ve had personal experience with. I hope you find something here that speaks to whatever fashion or cosmetic interests you have!

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  • Bridgette Raes

    HI! Thanks so much for choosing my blog as a top pick for style advice! I greatly appreciate it. And, I too LOVE Paula’s Choice! I use nothing else! Best skincare around.
    Thanks again!

  • Deborah Williams

    You are so welcome! On my bucket list, a trip to New York and a chance to shop with you in person!

  • Bridgette

    Anytime, Deborah!

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