5 Things To Be Thankful For In Midlife

I’ve read that it’s easier to feel more appreciative about life when you get older. Maybe it’s because you can’t remember enough about what annoys you anymore. I’m not sure. I probably did read about the real reason but since I didn’t write it down, it escapes me now. Regardless, I have no problem describing 5 things to be thankful for in midlife.

What’s midlife? For me, it’s halfway into my life. These days I expect to live until I’m 120, so I can say I’ve reached midlife. You can define it however it suits you. Maybe you plan on celebrating your 150th birthday? Good for you! It means your cake will look like a Burning Man statue.

First, I have to say that by the time you’ve reached midlife, you have encountered enough difficult situations and lived through enough sad events that you have the context to know when life is good. Finding 5 things to be thankful for in midlife isn’t so hard if you just tune into what your life is showing you now.

#1: Able To Adjust Attitude

Finally, I don’t have to be right about everything anymore. If I learn something new and it changes my mind, I can let go of whatever ideas I was wrapped up in before.  I’m less judgmental.  I’ve learned that there’s more to gain in seeing the big picture than in only seeing my picture.

#2: Faith In Self

I made it this far and lived through bad 70’s hair and landline phones with party lines. I can handle the next half of life. Despite wondering how I would ever get myself out of whatever bad situation I was in, I did.  I made it.  It’s a good feeling to know that deep down I have the inner resources to deal with what comes my way.

#3: Awareness Of Health

Yes, I am now aware of what causes me to feel like crap. Doesn’t matter if it’s  going in my body, what I’m surrounding myself with or by accepting too much of someone’s bad energy. If it makes me feel bad, I need to get away from it. It was easier to ignore my gut feelings before, but now I listen. And I change my diet, my surroundings or my activities as needed.  Fair warning—if you are bringing Cheetos, cigs and complaints to my next gathering, just stay home.

#4: Power Of Choice

I’ll say yes to having choices. I no longer feel the need to make everyone else happy. First and foremost I want to do the right thing. But I now I do the right thing for me. I’ve certainly always had the power of choice but I didn’t have the confidence to select the option that was most beneficial for me. Now when I make a choice, I know which boss I need to make happy.

#5: Honoring Relationships

Relationships with my family, my tribe, my community, and with myself deserve way more recognition than I ever gave them in the past. As a young adult, family was something that got in the way of living my exciting, independent life. Now I know better. Friends were easier to come by and there was always tomorrow to catch up. Now I know better. If I ignored taking care of my mind, body or spirit, I figured I’d take care of it later. Now I know better.   

I’ve found midlife has its ups and downs but overall there’s plenty to be thankful for. I hope you are enjoying wherever you are in your life as well.

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