Defining Your Retirement Style

Loving life and full of energy or feeling sad and tired? Whether you are newly retired or close to it, no doubt you’ll want your retired life to be more like the former. Let’s face it. If you’re [...]

What Does Being Old Mean To You?

Let’s just get it out there. You are old and so am I.   No matter what your real age is, you’re definitely older than you were yesterday. The reality is that your aging process starts as soon as [...]

Why Creativity Is My Retirement Goal

I have always been a creative person. Did I ever think creativity was essential  for retirement?  I never even considered it. Whenever I thought about retirement, it felt more like a lifestyle [...]

What’s Your Retirement Style?

Thinking about retirement? If so, you know your work life will change. How about the other areas of your life? What’s your retirement style going to be?    First off, your retirement style is a [...]

4 Favs For Fun Mid-Life Style

My days of window shopping and browsing in shopping malls are long past. I don’t have the patience anymore for cosmetic counters and dressing rooms. So if you’re at all like me, having useful [...]