Wellness in Retirement

Anxious. Depressed. Sad. Angry. Irritated. Does this describe how you feel about retirement? Congratulations! Keep thinking this way and your retirement will turn out exactly as planned. That’s the quick and easy way to enter into this next life stage. Go ahead. Make the decision that it will be awful. No more for you to think about except how old it makes you feel. Used-up, dull and broken down. Add in sick and a dose of cranky just for good measure. Does reading this make you just want to give up?

Remember, you do have a choice.  Reframe your thoughts about retirement and change your expectations. Why not think about your retirement in terms of vitality and wellness instead?    You tend to get what you expect, so choose to think about thriving, being healthy and well during your retirement.

It’s time to make it all about you. That’s what choosing wellness as a retirement lifestyle is all about. Wellness is all about you. It involves taking charge of your life and being an active participant in it to make it as great as you want it to be.

Don’t think wellness is limited to food choices or exercise. It involves all the factors that make you who you are: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social and spiritual. It involves recognizing your values and living them; being aware or mindful of all that is around you; being empowered to make healthy choices and then taking action to see them through.

You can push away anxious, depressed, sad and angry thoughts about retirement. Choose to think about this next stage as a time of embracing wellness and vitality. Use the time as an opportunity to be the best  you’ve ever been.

It’s time to ask yourself, “What are my expectations?”


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