Why Creating A Vision Board For Retirement Planning Works

Ready to retire soon?  What will your day-to-day retirement life look like? It’s likely you’ve thought plenty about the  financial details and the timing of your retirement.  Yes, you know there’s a trip or two in your future and you’ll schedule time to visit with family. But what else will you do? Feeling a little stuck envisioning what this time will be like? Bring your ideas to life by creating a Vision Board for retirement planning.

A Vision Board is a simple way to display images and words about how you want to live your life. This is the time to think big!   Include pictures on your board that show how you want to feel in retirement. In addition, include images of what you want to do or have. So, if your dream is to learn to salsa, include a picture of a dancer. Make sure that dancer is happy and smiling because that’s exactly how you want to feel learning to salsa.

Use scissors to cut out pictures from magazines. Or print images from your computer and glue them on your Vision Board. Add in some favorite quotes or words and you’re on your way to making a board that reflects what’s personally important to you.  For more information about Vision Boards, check out this post, “How To Set Retirement Goals With A Vision Board.”

If  you’re someone who dreads the thought of writing out a life plan or has trouble conceptualizing your future retired life, a Vision Board is just what you need. By making a board, you’ll have a description of your retired life without having to do any writing. What’s key is keeping this board someplace where you’ll see it every day and feel inspired by it.

A Vision Board helps you create plans even though you aren’t sure exactly what you want your retired life to look like.  As an example, if your retirement plan includes working part-time but you aren’t sure what the work will be, look for images that show how you want this job to make you feel.  Do you want to feel free, happy or centered? Maybe you’re looking for a sense of relief knowing that you’ll have an ongoing income.  If you can’t find just the right picture, look for a quote that expresses the feeling you want to have. Maybe this quote would this work for you?

“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”

Sometimes you may drag your feet about retirement because you aren’t sure what you’ll do with all that free time. It can feel frustrating when you know you’d like to retire but can’t quite decide if you should do it or not.  Having better ideas about what your life will look like can be just what you need to get your retirement plans in motion.

If you’re a visual person, having something to look at that constantly reminds you about why you’re retiring can be extremely motivating.  It offers great reinforcement about why retirement is important.   If you find yourself thinking about retirement but not taking steps towards making it a reality, the Vision Board could be just what you need to get moving. Often we know retirement is a good decision for us.  But for a variety of reasons, just can’t move forward with it.

Your day-to-day life in retirement deserves to be personally rewarding and meaningful. You know you’re looking forward to it. Jump in and get started with your planning. Begin to discover the next chapter in your life by creating a Vision Board for retirement planning.

Whether you are dreaming about the day you can retire or are suddenly faced with unforeseen early retirement, putting together a retirement plan can be a powerful way to begin working towards your ideal retirement. Our practical guide to Creating Your Own Retirement Plan includes guidance, a template, and a completed sample plan. For personalized assistance and guidance, please contact us.

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