Enjoy Midlife More: Why You Need To Get Over Being Perfect

You’ve reached midlife and you’re wondering how you can enjoy it more. Begin by losing your obsession to make your life and everyone else’s perfect.  By this point in life, the only thing you should do perfectly well is to give up being perfect. So many of us hold onto the expectation that if we could just make a certain area of our lives 100% right, everything else would  fall into place. And we’d be happy. To enjoy midlife more, you need to get over being perfect.

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Perfectionism has had its day and no amount of effort from you is going to guarantee that fairy tale life you’ve been chasing is ever going to become a reality.

Yes, I’m calling it a fairy tale life. You know the one I mean. The life where you have unlimited resources, your family members really are the superstars you portray them to be on Facebook and your closet screams style instead of fixer upper. And, you always find a place to park no matter how late you are. No doubt you have your own ideas of what the perfect life looks like. How’s that ongoing pursuit of perfection going for you? Feeling frustrated?

It’s not your fault that you’re trying so hard to be perfect. You’ve been trained that way. We typically spend the first half of our lives responding the needs of others. Between trying to be the most wonderful parent, the supportive spouse and the most valuable employee, we get used to seeing perfection as an end goal. As a result, we are always pursuing the perfect life.

All in all, seeking the perfect life often feels like pushing a heavy rock up the hill. Over and over again you push. That rock keeps rolling back. You keep trying but never quite reach your goal. Read more about Sisyphus if you want to feel really bad about trying hard and not getting anywhere.

Once you reach midlife, rethink all those efforts to achieve perfection.  Besides endless frustration, there’s the stress from trying so hard to make things right.  By midlife, that stress catches up with you and you’ll find that physically it begins to impact your health. So embrace the idea of letting things be imperfect and improve your overall well-being.

In addition, if you need more encouragement, just ask yourself how much you enjoy being around other people who are relentless in their pursuit of the perfect life.  Probably you don’t like being around them much. While they may even be one of your friends, you find ways to avoid them. Especially relevant here is considering is this what people are thinking about you?

So you’ve lived half your life already trying to be perfect. It’s not worked. Finally, recognize that it’s time for a change. Enjoy midlife and honor the incomplete. Get over being perfect. And embrace the life of good enough. Close the door on perfect and open the door to enjoying your midlife and whatever comes next.

Midlife transitions often include some initial thoughts about retirement.  Whether it’s something that’s five years away or whether it’s just making its way onto your radar, it’s helpful to begin researching how retirement could change your life. It’s definitely not too early to begin understanding how you manage and react to change and what you can do to adapt as your life evolves. For personalized assistance and guidance, please contact us.

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