Finding a Vocation in Retirement

Retired and looking for something meaningful to do? Maybe you need to find a vocation? Vocations are activities that you feel truly inspired to take on.  They may be volunteer-based or paid.  While your goal to find a new project in retirement is important, re-imagine yourself hard at work doing something you love.

In addition, if you want to continue working in retirement, finding a vocation that you’re paid for may feel like the icing on the cake!

Tutoring kids and working on their learning skills has become a vocation for me. I’m currently participating in the Youth Tutoring Program sponsored by Catholic Community Services in Seattle. The program  connects tutors with students in the 1st-12th grade who need help building their skills in math, reading and English.

I work with one student for an hour a week on skill building and homework.  While not only do I enjoy being back in the classroom setting, it feels so rewarding to help a student learn. I’d like to think my student will see that learning can be fun. We do what we can to find a few giggles in whatever we’re studying about.

Here’s another benefit: Tutoring makes me feel smart!  You tend to forget how much you actually do know until you’re answering homework questions again.    It takes me back to the days of doing math without a calculator and memorizing multiplication tables. This week I learned about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. I hope my student learned something too.

Why volunteer? It’s a simple way to give back and it feels good to pass on knowledge.  As a result, that’s exactly what a vocation should feel like.

I have always enjoyed helping people be successful. I based my career in Human Resources on that value. Now I’m helping little people become successful in their world.  I’ve spent a lot of time working with adults who have often said they wished that they had been better students when they were in school. Now I am making that happen with the students I tutor.

By being a tutor, I am helping a  student develop better learning skills which I hope translate into more successful life skills.  Because I like to think that if I’m able to make even a small difference now, my little person will always feel encouraged to stay in school and dream big.

Finally, if you are in need of finding a vocation, think about what you value and what would give your life more meaning. In my case, it was finding ways to help people be successful. Tutoring became my vocation. What will yours be?

Seems like you might like to find a vocation, too. For help in planning your ideal retirement lifestyle, contact Retirement Style today!

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