Get Unstuck with a Personal Vision Statement

Struggling with a way to figure out what you want your retirement to look like? Want it to “have meaning” but you aren’t even sure what is meaningful to you? Do you give up  trying to figure it out because just thinking about it makes your head hurt? No worries; you aren’t alone. Lots of people get stalled in their retirement planning because they just aren’t sure what direction to go.

Maybe you’ve looked at your finances and had the “thumbs-up” signal for retirement from your accountant. Maybe you’re feeling like the time is right to quit your job because it just doesn’t have the pizazz that it once did. Maybe your adult kids are settled (finally!) into their grown-up life and the nest is empty.  All the signs could be pointing towards retirement as a real possibility but you keep pushing the thoughts to plan for it to the back burner.  Have you made a couple of half-hearted attempts on some random Saturday mornings to “figure it out” only to give up and surf the internet instead? Sound like you?

Feeling stuck? You just might be.   So try a new approach.

Why not create a vision statement for your (retired!) mid-life?  No doubt you’ve had to write one yourself for work or had to participate in the rah-rah for one that someone in the upper tiers of corporate  life wrote once upon a time. You probably even have a  pen or stress-ball in your desk with that vision statement on it. Past experience with these might not have been so good. But big difference here:  They weren’t about YOU!

Put aside the corporate vision statements and the empty words.  Now, think about writing one just for you. This time it’s truly all about you. This is your vision to guide your decisions for retirement.  Why not try it? Keep it simple and meaningful for you. No, it won’t end up on another coffee cup or memo pad. A sticky note on your computer will work to keep it fresh in your mind.

Need inspiration? Start a list of what you what you want to accomplish; the things you enjoy doing; the things that inspire you. List some significant values.  Play with the words. Rearrange them. What you write should express what you want for yourself and what you want to be. It’s your starting place to guide your future decisions. What’s key–write it as though you have already achieved it. It’s your personal vision and if you truly believe it, you’re well on your way to make it reality.

You could go back to those half-hearted efforts to plan your retirement, but without a vision of what you want, how successful will you be?  So, why not try writing a personal vision statement and begin to get unstuck.

Oh, so what’s mine? Celebrate faith, love, family. Easy to say, spell and remember.  Hope that gets you going…

People of all ages struggle to live a more meaningful life, but the struggle to identify a meaningful retirement is very real. Working with a certified retirement coach can help you frame what’s important to you and how to work towards it in order to find a meaningful life in retirement. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your journey and how we can help.





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