Hanging Out With The Cool Kids

On Wednesdays, I tutor. I like being with kids, they tolerate me and it works out. I’m not sure who benefits the most–them or me. If you do volunteer work, you know what I mean.

Every week we work on homework. We mix it up with conversation about what’s going on. How about those Seahawks? What books are in your backpack this week?  My little group loves to read. Good deal; so do I. We sit at a big table so that there’s room to put out the math homework, language arts papers (no, it’s not called English anymore) and the library books. They always have library books.

Ours is the cool table. I’ve always liked sitting with the cool kids.

Me: Picking up a couple of books with similar covers that look like gods or super heroes doing whatever super types do. Books on our table always have wild looking people with swords or fire. They look kind of scary;  it isn’t the Mary Poppins type of book  that I read.  “Are these a series?” (Bad choice to ask yes or no questions, but I sometimes I forget.)

Them: “Yeah.”

Me: “Are there more to read?” (I’m old enough to know better with these yes or no questions, but I still do it.)

Them: “Yeah.”

Me: “What’s next?”

Them: “The Blood of Olympus. Do you know how old the guy is?”

They meant the author, Rick Riordan. We checked him out on my phone and looked to see  if we could figure out his age. Never heard of him myself but we found his picture. Turns out he writes young adult fiction.

We guessed his age.   I thought he looked 40’s. They thought he looked 50’s. Didn’t matter which it was because once they saw him, they were happy. Big celebration all around the table. Why? Because he looked like he’d live long enough to crank out more books. They were anticipating lots more books. Good news for Rick. Still young enough to write. I hope he keeps it up. He’s got time. He’s got readers who think there’s more life left in him. Even at 50.

Turns out Rick Riordan is a best selling author and was born June 5, 1964.

Them: “I told you he’s 50.”

I said we’re all right about his age. He’ll be 50 later this year (1 point for Them.) He’s in his 40’s now (1 point for Me.) When you hang out with kids, you need to keep score. Because they do and all points count. We were even.

What’s more important? Nice to know my students have such high expectations of someone in their 50’s. It made me smile.

Kids believe in us and know there’s more good stuff to come. Why do we question ourselves and think once we get older, the good times are behind us? There’s lots of time for Rick to write more books. If you’re in your 50’s, know that you’re able to do cool things.   Even in your 60’s and 70’s. And beyond.

Don’t know what to do? Start by finding yourself a cool table to sit at and hang out with kids who make you smile.

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