How To Have A Happier Retirement By Sharing More Of Yourself

Looking for a joyful and meaningful retirement?  Connecting with others and feeling like you are part of a community is the key. And it’s easier to do if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and show your vulnerable side. Learn more about how to have a happier retirement by sharing more of yourself.

If you’re a fan of Brene´ Brown and are familiar with her thoughts on vulnerability, then this quote will register with you:

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

As important as making connections are for creating a full life, they become  even more important during retirement. This truly is the time you need to extend yourself.  Think seriously about pursuing connections with others.  Without connections, your retirement life will never feel as robust and complete as it could be. Without them, you’ll miss out on living a purposeful and meaningful life.

Throughout your work career, it’s likely you’ve attended retirement parties and wished a valued co-worker “good luck” on his or her retirement. When the retiree came back to visit, you were sincerely interested in finding out just what they were doing and how they were enjoying retirement. In time, you probably discovered there became less to talk about and noticed that the positive connections you once shared began to drift away.

No doubt you never thought you’d actually become that retiree. But time has passed and now it’s your turn. Once your job ends, you’ll begin leaving that feeling of work community behind.   

Here’s the thing, the dynamics of the workplace change when you leave.  It’s inevitable. Over time, you’ll find you have less in common with your work group and your priorities will change. Work life is no longer a common bond and you’re no longer interacting on a regular basis. What initially brought you together and sustained your connections is no longer there.

As a full-time employee, your work connections create a support structure and a community. Replacing those connections becomes a priority when you retire. Because without connections, your retired life is less likely to have purpose and meaning.

Reaching out to others and making connections is easy in the workplace. Everyone shares a common bond. As you try to create new communities  in retirement,  you’ll need to work harder to make the necessary connections.   You’ll need to talk more often about yourself. And your  interests with others to establish common ground. If you’re at all introverted, that may feel uncomfortable at first. You may find that you need to  give yourself a push to interact.

Keep in mind that you’ll have a happier retirement by sharing more of yourself. When you share and let people know more about who you are, you’ll develop new connections and communities. As difficult as it may feel at first, replacing all those work connections will go a long way towards giving your life a renewed sense of meaning.

When you begin your newly retired life, make it a point to fill it with purpose and meaning. Click To Tweet

When you begin your newly retired life, make it a point to fill it  with purpose and meaning. Reveal more of your authentic self to create the connections that will make your life happier in retirement.

People of all ages struggle to live a more meaningful life, but the struggle to identify a meaningful retirement is very real. Working with a certified retirement coach can help you frame what’s important to you and how to work towards it in order to find a meaningful life in retirement. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your journey and how we can help.

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