I Really, Really, Really Hate Change

I really, really, really hate change. It takes me out of my comfort zone. I like knowing what I’ll be doing today. I like knowing what I’ll be doing an hour from now. As a result, going to a new exercise class makes me sweat before I even start to move.

Retirement requires so many changes. I had a hard time with it. Maybe your experience will be better. Maybe your experience will be like mine.  Your routines, your connections, your self-worth, your perception of age are all up for changes like you’ve never seen before.

If you knew me, you might be surprised about how much I dislike change. You’d think I must love it because I’m always changing something. I seek it out all the time and I have for my entire life. Jobs, cities, friends and activities often feel like a personal merry-go-round. I grit my teeth and change because as much as I hate it, I know I’ll benefit from the result. In the end, I’ll learn and grow from the experience.  That makes me willing to do more of it.

I’ve learned that as bad as the changes may feel at the time, I’ll be okay in the end.

Because I know change is such a key component of retirement, I want others to become more aware of its importance. When you initially retire or begin to plan for it, your willingness and ability to change become significant. If you’re like me, go ahead and say, “I really, really, really, hate change.” Then move forward knowing that it’s a mind space that you need to work around.

Interested in knowing more about how you react to change? Check out the quiz about dealing with change on my website, www.RetirementStyle.com. Discover your personal change “style” and  receive “10 Steps for Handling Change in Retirement.”

In the end, love it or hate it, retirement will bring change into your life.   

People of all ages struggle to live a more meaningful life, but the struggle to identify a meaningful retirement is very real. Working with a certified retirement coach can help you frame what’s important to you and how to work towards it in order to find a meaningful life in retirement. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your journey and how we can help.

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