Retirement Lifestyle: Leaving Portland for Seattle

So now why my interest in being a Re-Imagineer? Bottom line, it had to do with finding a more meaningful life and discovering a new lifestyle.

Just where did this meaningful life stuff come from anyway? I think it’s been there for a while and it just took a major life change for it to become front and center.  And what prompted the major life change? Keep reading and let me tell you a tale. This requires few blog posts, so keep reading.

Good news first. My Former-Christmas-Tree-Farm-Owner husband, accepted a position in Seattle, Washington in 2011. Trading in the Christmas tree farm life for a corporate job was definitely a positive step for the Williams family. Sadly, it meant there would be no more  stories to share about how cut trees actually get moved out of the fields by dare-devil helicopter pilots.

However, in the overall scheme of things, this would be an okay tradeoff.   Life really began changing big time once we actually started planning the move to Seattle from our home in Portland, Oregon.

Now the not-so-good news. Shock and Horror!  This move meant that I’d have to re-learn how to look for a job. Despite being employed in human resources for a number of years, I didn’t have an inside track on the best ways to conduct a job search and land that perfect once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Truth be told, it had been a long time since I had even looked in the closet for appropriate interview gear. After all, when you work for an outdoor-related employer, your everyday work look trends towards fleece, cargo and lots of zippers. What I knew about an effective job search involved job descriptions, meeting with managers and interviewing candidates.  I certainly didn’t have much experience on the other side of the desk in the “guest” chair and wearing non-breathable fabric.

This was not our first time moving for career reasons and Seattle looked like a wonderfully caffeinated place to live. (Yes, it rains but you don’t have to shovel water.  The summer/fall months are spectacular.  And there’s hot coffee on every corner. Seattleites rely on their ever present coffee buzz to keep the rain in perspective.)

I’d been the trailing spouse on other corporate moves and had always landed on my feet career-wise. Always the optomist, I wasn’t concerned about finding employment  this time either. My plan: organize the move to Seattle, set up the house and find the perfect job.

I knew that whatever I found in Seattle would be a hard act to follow what I left behind in Portland.  After all, I had a very secure and personally satisfying role as a Human Resources Manager at one of Portland’s premier companies.

After working 11 years with a crew of  fabulous folks, I knew it was going to be hard leaving. We actually tried to maintain 2 households and I kept working in Portland.  That lost its appeal very quickly.

My husband’s weekend commute between Portland and Seattle resulted in wear and tear on more than just the tires. Eventually it was time for me dive into the rain puddle and make the big move to Seattle. More to come…

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