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Put six women around a dining room table, add wine, some snacks and a book.  We call it book club night. Book club night comes around every couple of months.  If you miss it this time, see you at the next one.

There’s always catching up to do. That’s code for a real talk about a whole lot of life. To get it all out, sometimes we talk fast; sometimes we talk over each other and sometimes we talk when no one else is listening. Power talkers. Eventually we talk about the book. Or we talk about why there just wasn’t time to read the book. Know that the book plays a part in book club night, but it doesn’t always have a starring role. What’s important is the opportunity to share life.  All of us together.

This time we were meeting to talk about: An Inner Fire” with Seattle author, Jacki Delecki. We moved through the catch up phase more quickly than usual.  Reading a book, talking about it with the author and getting the real scoop on being a writer meant we could shortcut the some of the catch up talk. No question about it, we all loved the book. And especially having Jacki there for the official Book Club Conversation. Jacki was wonderful. She shared the scoop, made writing real and even participated in some life talk.

Life talk. That’s the real deal at book club. As readers, we gather for the book talk but a big draw is the life talk.  It darts in and out of conversations about the book. It’s about family, pets, and what’s coming at you.  Whatever twists and turns that life talk takes, we can relate to it. Typically, we relate plenty about what we already know.  It’s good to share and recognize our sameness.   For me, hearing an author offer insights about the writing process was my kind of life talk.

Jacki told us that the process of writing a book and publishing it was not easy; it took time; it took effort. Like a number of things in life,  things don’t come your way without trying. Sometimes lots of trying. Sometimes lots of editing and revising. Despite the twists and turns, she keeps at it.  The end result feels good. And right.

I can relate to that.

Writing a blog  takes time and effort. So does figuring out retirement. They both take trying.  They both need editing and revising. Sometimes lots. There are twists and turns. The end result feels good.  I know it’s right.

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