My Health First

Being well and thriving in retirement. Sounds great! So what do you need to do make it happen? Always say, “my health first” when making decisions.

Much depends on the lifestyle choices you make today about tobacco, nutrition, sleep, physical activity, alcohol, drug use (prescribed and not) as well as how you handle stress. Consider these the things you have some control over. In addition, your current habits and preferences will have a definite impact on your wellness in retirement.

There are plenty of physical changes associated with aging so why let bad choices and unhealthy habits accelerate what nature already has in store for you? Need a picture of what your senior years will be like if you continue on the same path? Your family tree says it all. Take a look at your older relatives who share some of the same habits as you and then look in the mirror. Who’s looking back? Are you happy with what you see and is that person going to live out that retirement dream in optimal health?

Maybe you’ve always thought that you should live a more healthy lifestyle and it just seems like too much work. The clock doesn’t stop ticking. This could be the right time to at least start thinking about making a change. Go look in the mirror again. Maybe make that a few changes…

So start small. What is the one thing that you could start doing today that will impact your overall health? Choose something easy. Go do it.

Look in the mirror tomorrow and decide if you want to keep it up.

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