Out of the Maze and Into Amazing

Contemplating retirement and feeling like you’re in a maze? So many decisions to make and things to think about. Maybe it’s easier to keep working and avoid all that stuff that’s whirling through your mind.

At some point, you will want to think about retirement (or be forced to) due to situations you may not have much control over. Life happens and the clock doesn’t run backwards.

Assuming your finances and health are stable, just what keeps you pushing retirement to the back burner? Chances are, it’s hard to disengage from the day-to-day work life. It gives you some sort of meaning and direction. Just where will you find your purpose and meaning when you retire? You might even be looking for it now. If it’s a question now, just how much more of a question will it be when you retire?

You may totally get the idea that retirement creates an opportunity to pursue your personal   dreams and make a difference. But suppose you are someone who just isn’t the dreamer type and making a difference sounds kind of woo-woo? You still know there’s an opportunity for something but how do you tap into what it is?   How can you begin to figure out what’s most important to you and worthy of your time?

Keep is simple and begin by looking at activities that are meaningful to you now or have been in the past:

  • What activities have contributed to your overall sense of wellness?
  • What activities have challenged you in a positive way and encouraged you to learn?
  • What activities just make you smile either because they are fun or touch your heart?
  • What activities allow you the opportunity to connect with others?
  • What activities make you feel like you are important?

It’s okay that you don’t immediately have an answer. Not everyone does. Start by asking yourself a few questions.  Just a little thinking may get you out of the maze and into an amazing retirement!

People of all ages struggle to live a more meaningful life, but the struggle to identify a meaningful retirement is very real. Working with a certified retirement coach can help you frame what’s important to you and how to work towards it in order to find a meaningful life in retirement. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your journey and how we can help.










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