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Meeting people and finding new groups to join plays a role in enjoying retirement. As you transition from your regular full-time work, you lose the connections you’ve made in the workplace.  It may take awhile to make new connections.  Participating in online communities can help fill in that gap.

Blogging has created an entirely new community for me. Blogging connects me to an active online community of people who readily share their ideas, thoughts and opinions.   It doesn’t replace in-person connections, but it does supplement them.

Commenting and bringing up new ideas,  creates more engagement. I’ve noticed that it’s the engagement with others that I’ve been missing since I’ve retired.  When you go to work everyday, you engage with your work community and share ideas. Once that went away,  I found that I needed to find replace the connections I once had.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve also started participating more online and offering comments on blog posts. In addition, it’s fun  to have new places to offer ideas, opinions and give lots of “likes”.  When someone actually shares what you write or post, it’s even more fun.  Joining in online has opened up all kinds of ways to collect and share information. It’s a satisfying way to increase the sense of belonging to a community.

If you’ve been more of an online observer and not so much of a participant, you should consider joining in.  Take a few baby steps at first and try making a comment or two. If someone “likes” what you write, you’ll feel more connected.  It will increase your engagement and give you a sense of belonging.

If you’re retired or transitioning to retirement, explore how you can increase your online connections. Sharing online is all about spreading the good and being delighted by what finds its way back to you.  I’d love to hear your comments about my blog post!

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