Planning Your Retirement Life With A Retirement Coach

Where are you in planning your retirement life?  Is retiring just a random thought that runs through your mind? Do you think of it  during dull meetings or when the alarm goes off on Monday morning?  Do you have a targeted day or age to retire? If retirement is even remotely on your radar, it’s time to figure out what this next stage in your life will look like.

Retirement creates anxiety for some and represents a welcome transition for others. Just how happy and energetic you feel once you’ve  retired depends on how much you’ve prepared for it in advance. No doubt you’ve done some financial retirement planning, but have you thought about what this stage of life will actually look like day-to-day?   

Are you thinking about: starting a new business, traveling, or going back to school?  How about visiting family or downsizing and moving? Are you going to retire first and then make your life plans?  What will motivate you to start? It’s easy to dream. It’s harder to take action steps.  Are you at the other end of the spectrum? You know you want to retire and you’ll just chill until you feel motivated enough to figure it out.

Without any plans for your retirement, you’ll be seriously disappointed when the days slip by and they all begin to  look the same. The next 20-30 years of your life deserve thought and direction. Your retirement years could easily represent 1/3 of your life. Be pro-active and begin planning your retirement life.

So what is retirement life planning? The simple answer: It’s looking at the different aspects of your life that change once you retire. Develop a better understanding of what they are to set the stage for a happier retirement.

Life Arenas

The 6 Life Arenas that undergo transition during retirement are:

  • Career and Work
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Family and Relationships
  • Leisure and Social
  • Personal Development

So how do you get started with your planning? Take an online assessment from Retirement Options and understand how  retirement will affect these important areas of your life.  You’ll discover that retiring impacts your life in ways you never thought about before. While retirement comes with its own set of challenges and decisions, there’s much to celebrate and enjoy.  A happy retirement benefits from both  financial planning and lifestyle planning.   

Ready to begin retirement life planning? Retirement Style can help with that. Contact Retirement Style for further information about taking the Retirement Options online assessment. Stop dreaming about your retirement and begin planning for it now.

While many people find themselves afraid to retire, few understand the benefits of retirement coaching to help plan a smooth transition. The Retirement Style team is ready to help answer any questions about the retirement coaching process and help you plan for your retirement success.

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