Reinvent and Re-Imagine Your Life In Retirement

It’s 2013 and recycling my 2012 calendar was symbolic of a life reinvention for me. After all, a new year calls for innovative ideas and fresh starts.   I decided this was the year I would call myself a “re-imagineer” and I began to look at ways I could reinvent my life as I entered retirement.

As a result, I focused on what being a re-imagineer could mean.

Right away, I was drawn to the concept of stepping back and evaluating just what I wanted to do with the second stage of my life. It felt right to put my efforts into learning new things and stepping outside my comfort zone.

I wanted to see what I could rekindle, reinvent and rewire.  My move from Portland to Seattle and ensuing uneventful career search actually began to feel like the means to new beginnings.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that my interests in transforming the second half of my life into something more meaningful also had appeal to others.  So it’s not just me. It’s you and you and you, too.

Blogging about my experiences on Retirement Style felt like a way to document the reinvention process.  It is also a  way to connect with others who were of a similar mindset.

In addition, every place I look, I find people speaking out about a second stage of life reinvention, groups supporting it and a variety of resources to help guide the process. Call it a successful second act, call it reinvention, call it a life repurposed. I’m calling it being a re-imagineer.

So here I am. Moving along in a state of re-imagination and  wondering what the result will be. And looking for ways to reach out and re-imagine with others. I’m doing what I can to share what I find along the way.

The Retirement Style Blog routinely discusses a variety of retirement transition issues. For a full framework of retirement resources, please visit our Retirement Success Series. To speak with a certified retirement coach about your personal needs, please contact us.

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