R.I.P. – Retired in Place?

Are you asking yourself if it’s time to retire? Thinking about what you’d rather be doing instead of going to work? Dreaming of all the things you could be doing, if…?  Just doing what’s necessary to get by? Then keep reading. Sounds like you’re retired in place.   Now, if  you’re the person  who looks forward to going to work everyday and can’t imagine doing anything else, then stop here. This isn’t for you.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been working  forever. And it feels like a really long time.  It even feels like a long time since you left the house just to come to work and it’s only 10am.  One day after the next. You keep showing up.  The people are okay. You may even like some of them. But let’s face it, work is just plain boring.

The bottom line is this: you do your thing and every so many weeks you get paid. Your employer got what they needed. You got a check.  You’re even.

Here’s what’s crazy.   You talked to your accountant. You know what your bank statement says. Social Security says it’s go time. Your financial planner agrees. From one source to the next, you have a clear signal that says you can afford to retire.

So why do you keep coming in on Monday morning? It can’t be for the coffee and it certainly can’t be because your boss tells good jokes.

Go ahead and tell the world. Put a sign on your desk: I’m Retired In Place. R.I.P.

This has nothing to do with Rest In Peace but everything to do with Retired In Place. Let’s face it. You keep coming back because you don’t know what else to do. Retirement scares you. How are you going to fill your time? As much as you’re bored at work, it’s better than being bored at home.

Additionally, figuring out “What’s Next” has created such angst, you’ve taken the path of least resistance and Retired In Place. Maybe you think no one will notice since you do all the stuff that keeps the paycheck coming. Here’s your reality check. It’s not a secret. People know.

Figuring out what to do after you’ve retired isn’t easy. After all, it represents an entirely new stage in your life. It’s a major transition and can be a challenge to even think about. Dealing with it by checking out and Retiring In Place isn’t much of a solution.

So take some action. Start by making plans for your future.  Talk with a retirement coach about how to create a successful retirement. With a little planning,  you’ll  discover that it’s not so scary after all.  End the clock watching and work with Retirement Style to  help you figure out just “What’s Next” for you.

Many readers find themselves stuck in planning for retirement. Retirement Style offers a number of resources, including our 30 Day Journaling Challenge, to help you get unstuck in working towards your best retirement. If you would like to speak to a certified retirement coach about your personal journey, please contact us.

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