Are You Considering Retirement But Still Want to Work?

Are you considering retirement but still want to work?   Here’s a helpful *article from Commercial Capital Training with some useful business tips for you. It gives ideas for using the skills you already have in new ways. Because so many people want to keep working in retirement, it’s helpful to get ideas about a variety of jobs.

I understand the idea of finding new ways to use your existing skills. My work in human resources gave me reasons to listen to people. As well as offer help to people as they worked to solve problems. So often all they needed was someone who could listen without judgement. And they found their own answers to whatever issues they were dealing with.

My ability to listen to others caused me to pursue retirement coaching once I retired. As a result, I combined my research on retirement with my interest in helping people be successful.  Therefore, I found a new career as a retirement coach. In addition, I did just what this article suggests and began a blog about retirement and midlife transition.  Blogging about retirement was a natural outcome from my coaching work.

No matter what you plan to do in retirement, you need to be open to change and trying new things. If you’re in pre-retirement mode now, it’s time to think about what’s coming next. Start by asking yourself: What parts of your job do you enjoy? And how can  you repurpose those skills into a new career once you retire?  You may find that by looking into one idea, you have that aha moment.  And discover something else that’s even a better fit.

Retirement is no longer about leaving the workplace behind. So many people who are considering retirement want to continue working. While they may think about working fewer hours, they still want earn a living.  Finding the right job that uses your skills in new ways may be just what you need!

(*Special Note: Sending  a big “thank  you” to Denise Chapman’s students at Brenham Community Center in Texas who shared this very useful article with me!)

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