Retirement Planning for Your Life

How’s work going today? Sun’s out. Seems like it’s starting to feel like spring. Thinking about what you’d be doing if you were home now? Even more important, thinking about retirement? Because if you were retired, you would be doing what? Would you be enjoying the spring or planning for the summer? Even more important would you get to that “to do” list?  What about doing some retirement planning for your life?

Where are you in your retirement planning? Is it just a random thought that runs through your mind during dull meetings? Or do you think about it when that alarm goes off in the morning? Maybe you’re further ahead than that and have settled on a year, a day or even picked out a birthday for retirement. Expand your thinking and include how being retired will make you feel. Excited? Relieved? A little apprehensive?

How you feel during  retirement depends a lot on your level of planning for it.  Retirement represents both a sense of freedom and ownership of your schedule. As a result, what you’ll do with that time and how much you’ll enjoy it, will depend on both your financial situation plus your level of retirement planning.

You’ve done personality quizzes in magazines and taken online tests that show up in your Facebook feed. In addition, why not take a retirement planning assessment and figure out what aspects of retirement might be worth learning more about.

Retirement Options offers an online assessment that gives you feedback on your current level of retirement planning. A variety of life factors come into play during retirement and together, create a foundation for what your life will feel like once you are retired. The assessment looks at:

  • Career and Work
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Family and Relationships
  • Leisure and Social
  • Personal Development

Finances often take the center stage for retirement planning, but the process involves other areas as well. After all, once you decide that you can afford to retire, what will you do with that nest egg? Take the Retirement Options online assessment.  You’ll discover just what you need to make your retirement years feel meaningful and special.

Interested in doing a little retirement planning? Contact me about taking the Retirement Options online assessment today. Let’s turn your retirement ideas into a reality!

While many people find themselves afraid to retire, few understand the benefits of retirement coaching to help plan a smooth transition. The Retirement Style team is ready to help answer any questions about the retirement coaching process and help you plan for your retirement success.

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  • James & June Eaton Eaton

    Not officially retired yet. Should be by Sept. 1st we hope. Jim has worked 56 years and has
    finally started the process of retiring.

  • Deborah Williams

    Congratulations! Just getting the process started is a huge step to take. I wish you all the best!

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