Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads

Father’s Day is coming up. Have something important you want to say to your dad but aren’t sure how to start? Find inspiration in Clay Brizendine’s, “Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads.”

Maybe you’ve  always had an easy time talking with your dad.  And you’ve told him many times over how he’s been a positive influence in your life.  If you’re like me, maybe you just don’t have the kind of relationship with your dad that makes it easy to share your feelings with him.

It’s too late for me, but if your dad is present in your life, make it a point to tell him what he means to you. Even if it feels awkward. He’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Write a letter for Father’s Day and just say it.

“Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads,” has plenty of examples to give you ideas of what to say.  Some are written in a casual, breezy style and others are more formal. The one thing they all have in common is how much feeling and honesty the daughters put into them.

I would have had a hard time telling my dad how much he meant to me.  But I know I could have written a letter to him. As a result, I wish I had. I know he would have appreciated it.

My dad wrote me letters all through college and on into adulthood. He enjoyed doing a weekly recap of what was going on at home and telling me about his projects around the house. Because as simple as those letters are, they continue to mean a lot to me.  I look back on them now with fond memories of another time and place.

Don’t let being too busy or not knowing what to say stop you from writing your dad a letter this year.  Use Father’s Day for your inspiration. It’s the perfect daughters to dads gift.

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