Stay In The Past And Miss Your Future

We all know that grumpy  person who always talks about how things used to better in the “old days.” You may work with that person. You’re related to that person. You may even joke that you are that person. For everyone who falls in the last group, get over it. Stay in the past and miss your future.

Transitioning successfully to retirement requires acceptance of where you are now. Maybe retirement is not a place you want to be, but for whatever reason, you’re there.  You can struggle with it and complain about it, but in the end, you’ll need to move forward.    Resisting to let go of the past ages you more quickly than anything related to the life in front of you.    

Aging offers you the chance to apply what you’ve learned throughout the years and be smarter going forward. No doubt you’ve experienced first hand that good times come with bad and eventually things will get better or at least more tolerable.  Apply this wisdom to your retirement situation. Remind yourself that eventually you’ll be able to handle the changes even if they aren’t all good ones.

It’s uncomfortable being around someone who always reminisces about what their life used to be, what they used to do and what was better about the past. It’s hard to talk when there’s so much focused on life in the “old days.”   

If this even sounds like it could be you, develop an awareness about how it sounds to others when you focus so much on your past life.  Guaranteed it will begin to isolate you as people gradually step away because they don’t enjoy being around you.

Maintaining connections is one of the most important aspects of living a happy and meaningful retired life. You’ll push people away if you stay focused on the past.  Keep it up and pretty soon, your only audience will be that grumpy person looking back at you in the mirror.

Face it. Transitioning to retirement is hard. There’s a lot to give up and much of your life will be changing. It feels safer and less threatening to talk about what we are familiar with. The past certainly fits in that category. So push yourself to focus on what’s next and leave the past behind.

Many readers find themselves stuck in planning for retirement. Retirement Style offers a number of resources, including our 30 Day Journaling Challenge, to help you get unstuck in working towards your best retirement. If you would like to speak to a certified retirement coach about your personal journey, please contact us.

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  • melissa

    What a great article<3 Thanks for the reminder!

  • Deborah Williams

    Thank You! Glad you found it helpful!

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