The Art Of Work

Does retirement really mean the end of work?  It used to, but not anymore. If you’re like many others in midlife, your retirement goal involves pursuing an activity more meaningful. The art of working at something you’re passionate about is truly rewarding at this stage of life.

Good Read: The Art of Work

You may find that selecting the right activity can be frustrating and feel a bit overwhelming.  How do you decide where to apply your skills and experience?  Read “The Art of Work,” by Jeff Goins for ideas on making the transition from what you’ve always done to something you’ve always wanted to do.

“The Art of Work,” outlines a path or process for discovering your vocation, purpose or calling. Goins calls all these pursuits your “life’s work.”

When you think about all that you could do, you may struggle figuring out where to begin. Often people get stuck and as a result, they do nothing.  They retire and think they want to “do something” but can’t figure out what. They may wonder why their retirement is not as satisfying as they had hoped it would be.

Goins believes you need to move past the idea that suddenly you’ll just “know” what it is  you want to do. Discovering your purpose takes some thought and self-awareness. He emphasizes that it takes time. You need to follow a variety of paths and pay attention along the way.  As a result, your journey’s twists and turns offer direction even though they may seem disjointed.

Read about the personal experiences of others who aligned their interests to create meaningful life’s work. As a result, decide how the various aspects of your own life can be re-purposed into something new and rewarding.

The discovery steps in this process include: Preparation, Action, Completion and Conclusion. Once you reach an end point, you review and continue with the cycle. No one approaches this process in the same way but everyone learns more about themselves as they reflect on the journey.

At this stage of life you believe it’s important to give back in some way but aren’t sure just how to get started. Read  “The Art of Work,” for helpful  guidance and direction. For true success, begin your discovery before you retire.

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