The End Of Summer Holiday

Labor Day. When you’re working full-time, it represents an end of summer holiday and not much more. It’s your last chance to take a mini-vacation, prep the family for  school or work on some unfinished outdoor projects. It’s really hard to take the day for anything more than a welcome day-off when you’re working.

Mostly it represents a day to catch-up. And it’s the last 3-day weekend for what seems like a very long time. As a person-who-works full-time, the last thing you want to think about on Labor Day is laboring.

If you’re actually retired or close to it, you might be more inclined to think about work and what it’s meant in your life.

Maybe you hated working full-time and following endless directions that took you nowhere. If you worked to survive and barely kept your head above water, I can see why you hated it. Every day you worked, it chipped away from your soul. You took the check and called things equal. Now you’re glad it’s done. Work meant you made it through another day.

Maybe you loved working and can’t imagine how you’ll ever be happy without that job. Work meant you enjoyed another day.

It’s more likely there were some good parts in your work life as well as some bad parts. I hope that overall, you found it balanced out.  The pay kept you even and you felt like your efforts made a positive difference for someone or something you valued.

That’s how I like to think about my work life. There were some good parts and some bad parts. Overall, it all balanced out for me. The pay kept me even and I know my efforts made a positive impact on the people and things I valued.  If I was the good part of work for you, I’m happy about that. If I was the bad part, know that you weren’t alone. No doubt it was bad for me too. That’s pretty typical for a job in HR.

I’m retired from my full-time career and on to other work-related adventures. Because now work means that I’m finding new ways to make a positive difference. There’s a lot more good parts and I’m thankful for that. Work means I’m making things better for someone more often than not.

Enjoy your Labor Day. It’s the end of summer holiday. Appreciate the day off and whatever it represents for you.

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