What Is The Retirement Coaching Process?

Considering retirement but feeling unsure about it? Wondering what your retirement life will look like? Maybe you’d benefit from retirement coaching. Use a coach to help figure out what an ideal retirement means for you. In addition, you’ll create a plan to make it all happen.  So what is the retirement coaching process like?

First off, it helps to understand what coaching is. Coaching is a guided conversation between a coach and a client (like you) about solving a life challenge. So what’s unique about retirement coaching?  It focuses specifically on how you want to live your life in retirement. We develop an action plan to get you there.

When you work with a coach, the coach’s job is to ask you just the right questions and uncover the things that trouble you. In this case, it’s likely to relate to many of the life changes that go with retirement. They can range from topics such as where you’ll live to what you’ll do with your time. The coach guides you through the process of creating action steps to discuss your unique retirement concerns.

It’s helpful to think about retirement as much more than just stopping work. Retirement is transitioning from leading a full-time, career-focused life to one that is focused internally. As a result, it is more about you and less about the needs of others.  Work may definitely be a part of this transition but it no longer takes center-stage.

So, what is the retirement coaching process? Once you contact Retirement Style, we start by having a phone conversation to talk about what excites you about retirement. And what challenges or issues might come with it. It’s your time to discover whether retirement coaching will be helpful or not. It’s also a time to talk about how ready you feel for retirement and what your expectations are for this next life stage.

Your next step is completing an online assessment about your overall retirement readiness. Complete it and immediately receive results about how ready you are for retirement. The quiz looks at these general areas:

  • Career & Work
  • Health & Wellness
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Family & Relationships
  • Leisure & Social
  • Personal Development

Once your assessment is complete, we’ll have a series of calls to talk about what will make your retirement meaningful for you. Additionally, we’ll discuss what action steps you can take to create a successful retirement lifestyle. You’ll have some “homework” to do before each call that will encourage you to think more deeply about what the different components of a successful retirement mean to you.

Together, we’ll create a personalized action plan to give you guidance and direction as you make your retirement transition. Retirement represents change in so many areas of your life. It’s a good feeling to have a plan to help you as you make the adjustment to this new life stage.

Contact Retirement Style to begin designing your retired life today.

While many people find themselves afraid to retire, few understand the benefits of retirement coaching to help plan a smooth transition. The Retirement Style team is ready to help answer any questions about the retirement coaching process and help you plan for your retirement success.

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