Think: Financial, Time and Talent Management

It’s time to think.

Wondering about making financial plans for retirement? Here’s what you don’t know:

  • Future rate of return on your investments.
  • Future rate of inflation.
  • How long you will live.
  • What additional funds you’ll need to pay for unexpected events like a health crisis or helping a family member.

Guess what? No one else knows the answers to these questions either. Just thinking about financial plans may cause you to give up before you even start. So start with something you do know and build on that.

If figuring out your finances is what’s holding you back from even considering retiring, take a small step and prioritize these aspects of your retirement lifestyle. Granted, they all are important but what order would you put them in?

  • Health
  • Leisure Interests
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Travel
  • Financial Legacy
  • Home
  • Learning
  • Continuation of income
  • Entertainment
  • Pursuing a lifelong dream

As you consider how to begin planning for retirement, be mindful of your priorities. Seek the advice of a financial planner who will help you develop a plan that supports what’s important to you.

Remember, retirement is a time to manage all your assets: financial, time and talent. A financial planner can help you with the financial piece. A retirement coach can help you with managing both your time and talent.

What kind of plan do you need to create?

While many people find themselves afraid to retire, few understand the benefits of retirement coaching to help plan a smooth transition. The Retirement Style team is ready to help answer any questions about the retirement coaching process and help you plan for your retirement success.

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