Try Journaling For Retirement Ideas

Are you searching for ways to live a more meaningful life in retirement? Are you feeling stuck because you can’t figure out what living a “more meaningful life” actually means for you? Give journaling a try.

If you’re struggling to find ways to make your life more meaningful, journaling can be the answer. Because journaling allows your ideas to flow more freely and that’s exactly what you need to get yourself moving in new directions for retirement.

While you might feel undecided about journaling, give it a try and check it out. Begin by writing what you feel passionate about and why.  Much as it is with anything else, getting started is the hardest part.  Therefore, start with something super simple.

If vacations are one of your favorite things, write about what makes them special for you. Write about why you love celebrating during the holidays, why you love chocolate or why you love Pinterest. Maybe it doesn’t seem like writing about these random subjects will inspire thoughts about retirement, but they will.

Just get your observations down on paper (or in an online journal).  Most of all, by journaling seemingly stray thoughts, you’ll begin connecting the dots about other things that have been floating around in your mind. As a result, whatever else is going on in your head that’s lurking behind the scenes will begin to emerge and take form. This is the creative process at its best.

There’s something about writing that inspires creativity. Therefore, just the process of writing will allow your mind to let go and explore new avenues. Most of all  a creative mind is what you need now to unlock ideas about what you’ll do in retirement.   

Need more ideas for journaling subjects? Describe your current life or take a leap and describe what you’d like your retirement life to look like. How’s your health? What would you change about your wellness practices?   What makes your day special?

All these suggestions will give your journaling a jumpstart. Especially relevant is making an effort to write a little every day. Because this gets you into a writing habit. While you may not used to writing, this ongoing practice will help get you used to it. As a result, you’ll be surprised at how easily new ideas will come to you.

Retirement is a major transition and one that can be difficult to navigate. And journaling can help you discover some new avenues to explore and inspire you to create the meaningful life you’ve been looking for.

Did you keep a journal or a diary in the past?  What did you write about? Consider making journaling a life habit again.

Many readers find themselves stuck in planning for retirement. Retirement Style offers a number of resources, including our 30 Day Journaling Challenge, to help you get unstuck in working towards your best retirement. If you would like to speak to a certified retirement coach about your personal journey, please contact us.

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