Volunteer Tutoring: Appreciation Day

This week we celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Day at the school where I tutor.  It feels good to be appreciated by the students and we even have our own special sign to thank us.  The “thank you” is icing on the cake for this volunteer tutoring project!

I work with Amy who is a shining star in her 7th grade class. She teaches me about geometry and I never go home without reaching for my phone to say, “Ok, Google…” We figure out how to find countries that are landlocked and how to pronounce names in books with heroines who aren’t called Laura, Mary or Harriet. Amy reads a lot and there is always a new heroine who needs to escape from somewhere.  Today’s young adult fiction has some brave and wickedly-good females. Not the “nice” girls that I read about in the 1960’s. I doubt that these new ones worry about going to prom or whine to their girlfriends about yucky gym suits.

When we’re reasonably done with homework and reading, we write poetry. We do it  because Amy thinks it’s fun.  I am amazed that writing poetry is fun for anyone. When she started writing poetry 2 years ago, it always rhymed. Now it’s more free-form. I admire her interest in being an outstanding student who can write crazy-good poetry, read a book a week and yell so much for her school team that she’s still hoarse 3 days later.  It makes me happy that at age 12, she can do it all and I get to share in a small part of it.

Volunteer Tutoring is a good thing. Amy enhances my life. I wonder if she’ll look back and think I’ve enhanced hers? I’d like to think so.

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