A New Year and A New Blog For Retirement

Welcome to the new year. I expect it to feel new every morning this year because this is my year for retirement.

This is my year to celebrate retirement transitions. As part of that, I’m truly celebrating connections and community. Both are good ways to enhance all the life changes that are coming. Not one to make resolutions, but I am making a special exception for this year.

My Resolutions:

  • Discover new ways to make connections with places and things that matter.
  • Look for ways to connect what I know and what moves me.
  • Finally, connect all the dots.

But first, I need to pin a bunch of dots on my wall of life.  I need to allow them space to just hang out. Then, I need to move them around before I make connections and links. I need to give them to a chance to show me things I haven’t thought of before.

I resolve to not force the dots to fit.  I’m curious about where they will arrange themselves.

Make this your year to celebrate your dots and re-imagine new ways to connect with your own Retirement Style.

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