Why Creativity Is My Retirement Goal

I have always been a creative person. Did I ever think creativity was essential  for retirement?  I never even considered it. Whenever I thought about retirement, it felt more like a lifestyle you fell into.  I never thought much about designing it.  Given my experience so far, relying on creative skills has become a key part of handling the transitions that come with this new life stage.  Now creativity is my retirement goal.

Creativity for me has always involved using innovative thinking and imagination to find new solutions.  Sure, it’s also been about being creative in an artistic way but that’s not the primary use for it in my retirement planning.

Often we think about retirement as the time we quit working and live out what remains of our life in the slow lane. We looked at what our parents did when they retired and think that’s what our life will be like. But it’s not. Becoming a shadow of your former self is not what today’s retirement is all about.

First off, slowing down in retirement and totally giving up work doesn’t always sound doable or desirable. Once they reach midlife, most people want more of a balance between work and free time. They don’t want  to give up what their work offers—income, personal satisfaction, connection and contribution. But they do want more time to schedule meaningful activities or pursue things on their personal bucket lists.

Finding that sweet spot between reducing your current work activities and creating a new life for yourself takes innovation, flexibility, and imagination. No one can tell you how to make it happen. You’ll need to figure it out. And this requires creativity. How can you work and still satisfy your desire to travel? How can you still support yourself and have time to volunteer? Is there a way to de-stress (and improve your overall health) by working fewer hours?

All of these describe today’s retirement lifestyle. And adopting any one of them requires a creative solution. So, recognize the value of coming up with new ideas and ways to live your life.

Being creative means being both flexible and adaptable. You seek ways to design a life that is personally more rewarding and meaningful. Does it still sounding like living life in the slow lane?

As you contemplate retirement and begin to define how you want it to look, you can use your imagination to build the perfect life in your head. Know that it takes creativity to make it work.

I retired but didn’t want to stop working. I looked for ways to help others transition successfully into their retired lives. Doing this required me to look inward and think about the skills I had developed over a lifetime of work. Writing, listening, coaching and encouraging others to move out of their comfort zone are some to the skills I creatively connected to become a retirement coach.

As time moves on, I know I’ll want to find new things to do and new ways to enhance my business. Creativity is my retirement goal and I’ll need to continue being flexible to further design my retired life.

As you move towards retirement, think about how will you adapt to your new life. Recognize the value of creativity in the retirement planning process.

While many people find themselves afraid to retire, few understand the benefits of retirement coaching to help plan a smooth transition. The Retirement Style team is ready to help answer any questions about the retirement coaching process and help you plan for your retirement success.

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